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This tribe is ultimately designed to discuss issues surrounding neuroscience and neuro-technology and how they may influence the evolution of society, medicine and anything else you can think of. We deal with everything from your everyday cyborg to curing vision loss. Technical and philosophical insight are always welcome. We'd like to try and keep the discussion of science on a more, well, scientific level rather than getting into the mystical aspects.

Just a few guidlines to make this tribe run a little more smoothly:

1. No cut and pastes of articles. Links, of course, are fine but no one wants to read an entire article within a blog (at least not me). If you don't summarize and add your critical thinking to it, we'll have to assume you haven't read it either. It will then be promptly removed.

2. God doesn't live here. No offense to the spirtual folks but we're not going to talk about anything spiritual here.

3. No defensiveness. If your ideas are put out there and you feel as if people have just ripped you a new asshole, that's a good thing. It keeps you honest. Don't take it personally.
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